Annie Webb Blanton Elementary

LIbraries of Love Entry #5

Day 5


We were able to visit a world wildlife rescue center today. This is a picture of a baby zebra they found in the wild-she's only 8 days old! Unfortunately, her mom was already gone when they found her, so they will keep the zebra with them for a few months until it is able to go back into the wild and survive on its own.


We were also able to see a Maasai school.

Maasai children take care of their young siblings while they go to school so their mothers can work in the fields while they are away. Imagine taking care of your baby brother or sister while you are in class!

People here speak Swahili, Maasai, and English. They think we are very difficult to understand! (Maybe it's my Texan accent) ;)

 The Maasai warrior tradition is dying out. They want their children to go to school, so very few go into the bush.


Below is a picture of me with one of the Maasai women. They make beautiful beaded jewelry-headbands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, etc. to enhance their beauty. I bought a necklace at the market from this talented woman!



I bet you're wondering what I'm eating while I'm here!

The places we visit serve us lunch. It is the same lunch at each place; small pieces of grilled goat, carrot salad, rice, and chapati (my favorite!!). It is all very good!


Ms. King