Annie Webb Blanton Elementary


Dear Blanton Bobcats,

After installing our seventh and final library in the Masai area of Kenya, I am back in the United States. The Masailand is a beautiful place filled with kind, generous people. It was a treat to meet the Masai people and enjoy their gracious hospitality.


Day 15


Day 11


New library built!



Day 9


Today we had a very successful day looking for animals in the Safari. We saw cheetahs, giraffes, a lion pair, and elephants!

Day 8


A new school!


We have arrived at our next school and are feeling the love! The entire student body came out to greet us. The kids are so excited to have a library in their school.

Day 7


We finished our first library!

Day 6




A member from our group donated the money to build this church. The community held a celebration in our honor. The men had many speeches, and the women danced and sang. It was so beautiful!


Day 5


Day 4



We can't drink the water from the faucet here because it will upset our stomach, so we buy bottled water from local shops. These two are very different ways to shop, but both sell water!


Day 3


The journey has begun!

We landed in London just as the sun was rising. It took almost 9 hours to get here. In about an hour we'll board another plane to Nairobi, which will be another 9 hour flight. It takes a long time to get to Africa from Texas!!


Hello Blanton Bobcat Community!!


This July our Librarian Ms. King, will be traveling to Africa to build a LIBRARY and bring books to children in need! She will be updating us with her travels weekly, but in the meantime, read a little more about her project below!

Our Bobcats had a great time beautifying our campus! A special thanks to Tree Folks for coming out to help us tend to our orchard!

5th Grade had the best week in history thanks to The City of Austin's Earth Camp!


Support Blanton ART!


Order forms will be available in the front office. Cash or check only. Please make all checks payable to Blanton Elementary.

Thank you Blanton PTA for everything that you do for our Bobcats. We could not be more grateful. 


Our Bobcats have been hard at working on their Spring Legacy of Giving Project! Four students presented at The Thinkery's Legacy of Giving Showcase!


Thank you UT Chemistry for inspiring 85 little minds!


We celebrated the 100th day of school today. Our Bobcats are 100 days smarter!