Annie Webb Blanton Elementary

Beyond the Birds and the Bees Talk with Kaite Malinski in the Library

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 7:00pm
Open to the larger community
When it comes to talking about sex, parents make the best teachers.  But, where (and when!) do you start?  Based on the very popular 3-hour parent workshop "Beyond Birds and Bees," this 55+ minute presentation will touch on: 
  • Age-appropriate 'Sex Ed.'  
  • Red Flag Behaviors: when to worry and what to do 
  • What's an "askable parent," and how to be one
  • How to talk, when to talk, and what to say!
This is a fun, relaxed presentation filled with great information.  There will be plenty of time built in for Q & A. Katie is a licensed therapist specializing in children & families, so bring your questions!
Beyond Birds and Bees has been presented to and loved by very diverse audiences, including parents, foster parents, nurses, doctors, therapists, school personnel, preschool staff & parents' groups, PTA/booster club groups, mom's groups, and more.  It is VERY popular!  I have an informative handout that I bring for the attendees, and I structure the workshop to be able to answer questions as much as possible.  If you'd like, I can send you an email with more details on what's covered.  You can also see more on the webpage: