Annie Webb Blanton Elementary

LIbraries of Love Entry #4

Day 4



We can't drink the water from the faucet here because it will upset our stomach, so we buy bottled water from local shops. These two are very different ways to shop, but both sell water!






On our way to the Maasai land (Kenya) we saw many different kinds of transport. This one was my favorite. We stopped and talked with these kids who spoke English. They were getting water for their community. I bet your chores at home seem a little easier now!


Later in the week...

We came across some women gathering water for their families and walked with them for a bit. It was quite a trek! Every day they take a half mile walk, the goat path into the canyon, then another half mile to the river. They jump in and collect water in the barrels, then return with the water on their backs.


Taveling in Kenya is no easy feat. 

There are no road into the bush so we have to drive on goat paths, in river beds, and across plains. During the week we work in Euwaso and stay in a small hotel in Suswa. It is a two hour very bumpy ride each way. So far we have had a tire blowout, a spring break, and several flat tires. This little tire shop has been our salvation!

We see many wildlife as we drive along. So far we've seen monkeys, chimpanzees, giraffes, and a HUGE anteater. We also see heds of goats, sheep, and cows.


Can you believe it's winter here? The temperature is usually in the 70s during the day, and in the 60s at night! Beats the Texas heat!


Ms. King