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**2020 Update: 

Extend-a-Care is NOW ENROLLING. Program will begin for on-campus learners October 26th, but must have a minimun of 30 participants in order to begin their program on our campus. Don't delay-register today!

**Noticias para el otoño del 2020

Extend-a-care comenzará su programa el 26 de octubre. Necesitan por lo menos 30 estudiantes para comenzar. Si piensa registrarse, por favor no se espere!

Extend-a-Care for Kids Flyer 2020

Extend-A-Care YMCA After School Care

The EAC Y will return for after school care beginning October 26th (if there are enough students). You may also use the information below to register your child.

Here is the information for parents to register:

  1. Login to EZ Child Track
  2. Select “2020-21 School Year – Afterschool” and then select your schools name
  3. For any registration questions, please contact eacy@austinymca.org
  4. Registration is being held open for a few more days.

More information can be found on our Afterschool Webpage.

Program Information: If you need information for your newsletters then feel free to use any of following offerings: 

Program Offerings:The EAC Y program is intentional about offering an experience which supports the whole child. Here are some key quality offerings which set us apart from other programs.

EAC infuses all curriculum activities with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) concepts and objectives. Our enriching activities provide children with an opportunity to explore their creative side, collaborate, and continue enrichment during out of school time hours. Our curriculum is based on themes which change weekly. These themes might be changing seasons, engineering, holidays, turning points in history, higher education, learning about self-esteem, etc.

EAC’s trained after-school youth development professionals strive to be role models for your child!

We have over 50 years of licensed, child care experience;

Programs with over 95% compliance ratings each year from the state with high recommendations from child care licensing experts;

Program focuses on the whole child experience with activities for physical activity, social emotional learning (self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, self-awareness, and responsible decision making), creativity, voice and choice, enrichment and provides an environment to allow children to have positive social experiences;

Over 15 enriching, developmentally- appropriate curriculum projects created by EAC’s curriculum specialists that are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills;

Multiple Field Trips for children each year with partners such as Café Monet, Bowling, IMAX, Sportball. Nutrition classes are provide onsite throughout the year as well;

Over 10 clubs will rotate through the programs for children to lead activities in LEGO creation, LEGO robotics, Brainflakes, motion/fitness, bracelet making, project-based learning, and more;

Voice and Choice opportunities during our unique learning centers consist of games and puzzles, building blocks and constructions, reading center, science center/STEM careers, music center, homework area, and creative expression;

Promoting healthy food choices by providing USDA approved snack each afternoon;

Provide year-round service with quality, licensed child care;

Offer a significant amount of financial assistance to qualifying families;

Serve pre-k children at no extra charge if the children are enrolled in the entire day program;

Exceed minimum standards training requirements by providing over 50 plus hours of training through a certified trainer; and

Group child care with a lower student-to-staff ratio than State of Texas standards. EAC Y ratios are max at 1:17, on average 1:14. We lower the ratio to as low as 1:12 for children with special needs. Once a program reaches 52 children in the program then two other staff member are added to decrease the ratio to 1:10; if not lower.

Y Membership: Parents receive a deep discount for YMCA membership which allows them to receive swimming and sports programs at 50% off each month. The value of learning how to swim to prevent drowning, building teamwork skills and sports skills through sports programs, and offering families so much more from a 7-day Y branch experience. 

We align our efforts to provide an educational, enriching experience which promotes positive and meaningful relationships and offers character building through the child’s day. Extend-A-Care’s primary objectives are to enhance the cognitive, social, and physical development of our children, to assist working families in becoming self-supporting, and to reduce the number of Central Texas children who fall victim to or commit crimes due to inadequate adult supervision.