Annie Webb Blanton Elementary


Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Laabs! Our 5th graders are lucky to have you!

We had a BLAST at our very first STEM Night! This year, Blanton Elementary was able to host a STEM Night for our families during our annual Science Fair Showcase, thanks to the grant money we received from Families as Partners.

Fight the flu!

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Did you know that Blanton Elementary is a Creative Learning Campus? Our students had a great time at our 2018 Day of Drumming! 

We kicked off the new year with a school-wide assembly this Friday!

Blanton Bobcats have PRIDE!



Thank you to all who attended WINTERFEST! We have a wonderful time at the Performing Arts Center!


Blanton ART was Stop #22 in this year's EAST Austin Studio Tour! Thank you to everyone that came out and supported our Bobcats!


This year, Aaron Reynolds, Dan Santat, and Sheela Chari paid a visit to our Bobcats!

We had a great time with our community at our annual BOOFEST! Thank you for your support!


PK-1st grade had the MOST wonderful time this morning singinging and dancing in SPANISH! Gracias 123 Andrés for all of the FUN!

Did you know that Blanton Elementary is a Creative Learning Campus?


Our 4th graders got CREATIVE this week with the help of Creative Action ATX!


Our Bobcats had a GREAT first day of school! 





Dear Blanton Bobcats,

After installing our seventh and final library in the Masai area of Kenya, I am back in the United States. The Masailand is a beautiful place filled with kind, generous people. It was a treat to meet the Masai people and enjoy their gracious hospitality.


Day 15


Day 11


New library built!



Day 9


Today we had a very successful day looking for animals in the Safari. We saw cheetahs, giraffes, a lion pair, and elephants!

Day 8


A new school!


We have arrived at our next school and are feeling the love! The entire student body came out to greet us. The kids are so excited to have a library in their school.

Day 7


We finished our first library!

Day 6




A member from our group donated the money to build this church. The community held a celebration in our honor. The men had many speeches, and the women danced and sang. It was so beautiful!


Day 5